Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Sarenna Lee

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Sarenna Lee

Light stood, lean to the shoals doors, for some reason with one hand towel Powers from the chest. "I came here idea. After all, pouring cold water better salvation from heat, if you want - POYDEM to the bathroom. Tam ostynesh sensitive" - Sarenna Lee said with some sense of incomprehensible to me. "Nda alone, we are not our wish to pour over o, why not do so in accordance with their hoteniyami" - flowery and I put off with a sofa. And on the lips Amy again flourished smile, which always threw me in the heat. "Come" - said she and I extended a hand. I took it and followed by pochapal. Having made a couple of steps, we find ourselves at the aperture bathroom. Light turned to me and passed inside and step on the verge of stagnation.

Sarenna Lee